The bare essentials

2016 NOEA – Caterer of the Year

Pubs on Wheels make a good event a great event.  We have appeared at venues up and down the UK and “first timers” are always amazed by how much we are what we say we are!  A pub helps to create a focal point for customers and guests, either an easy and very visible landmark at a festival or a great place to prop up the bar at a wedding.

From the moment of arrival to the time of pouring the first drink can be as short as 4 hours (depending on just how cold you like your beer!) but usually we advise clients to give us around six hours to rig, stock the truck and chill everything down to the perfect temperature.  

In terms of size, when we arrive anywhere we need the access to be at least 2.5m wide and 4m high, otherwise you might need to move a gatepost or two!  When fully rigged the truck is 10m wide by 8m deep (from front of the platform to the back of the truck), but depending on the event we will need a couple of meters at the back for loading fridges etc.  We have a massive storage area underneath each truck so we will always keep our area clean and tidy.

To dry hire a Pubs on Wheels cost £3,500 per day, £5,000 for two days, £6,000 for 3 days and £10,000 for a week.  On top of this we will charge for up to six staff (including a licensed manager) to run the bar, usually working an 8-10-hour shift.  We also charge for the hire of one of our generators and if you want satellite Wi-Fi for your guests or customers.

However, it is not all cost!  For events where we run a cash bar, whether that is at a private or public event, whatever profit we take on the bar we will return that profit to you (less a very modest stock handling fee)!  For example, if we turnover £10,000, we would return you approximately £5,100 back to you, so in some cases we end up paying you for us to be there?  How many other bars offer you that?

Pubs on Wheels are not the cheapest, but we promise that we are the best.  We have a virtually 100% record of being re-booked by events we work at, so we must be doing something right.  Our promise to you is to always make your event the best it can be.